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Q: Air filters, engine oil weight, brake fluid, coolant, tire am I supposed to know about all this stuff, much less keep up with what needs to be checked and when?

With the help of your friendly Cabrera mechanic, we'll help you become more comfortable with your vehicle's factory scheduled maintenance needs as well as help improve your knowledge of what to watch for and be aware of should a problem occur.


Q: I want to hang onto my Car (it's finally paid off) for as long as possible, but hate to pay for things I don't really need. Is there any maintenance that is more important than others?

Regular maintenance on your car is important. It's hard to tell you changing your oil is more important that changing a worn belt. You can run into high costs if you ignore both. For most people, their car is their second biggest investment after their home. Budget for preventive maintenance today and keep your car in good order. Without proper maintenance, you may be in line for costly major repairs, or a breakdown and need a new vehicle. Proper maintenance can also make your vehicle safer, more fuel efficient, and possibly even retain more value if you decide to sell or trade in the future.


Q: I want to make sure I'm covered under my car warranty, do I have to go to the dealer to be covered for maintenance?

No. You definitely do not have to complete all your factory scheduled maintenance at a dealer to maintain coverage under your warranty. In fact, by law, as long as you follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your manufacturer, you can have maintenance completed anywhere.


Q: Besides excess noise and rough idling, what are some other things I need to watch out for with my car s exhaust system?

Excessive rust or broken bolts could cause mufflers, pipes, and other parts of the exhaust system to hang dangerously low, resulting in a hazard for the people driving behind you. However, these aren't always things that can be easily assessed by just peeking underneath your car. As a rule, we recommend having your exhaust system inspected at least once a year.


Q: How do mufflers actually work? Are mufflers made of special sound-proof material?

Your exhaust system and mufflers in particular is very sophisticated. Technically, your muffler has baffled passages that the exhaust gases move through to muffle engine sound. But if you were to cut away your muffler, you d find some tubes with holes in them. Sounds simple, but inside your muffler, these elements work together to have the sound waves hit one another to reduce the noise. Your muffler is actually a finely tuned instrument.


Q: Why do my brakes squeak?

Brakes can squeak for a variety of reasons, but continuous squeals and grinding sounds may mean it's time for new brake pads or shoes. Worn brakes can mean longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping in an emergency situation. Rotors and drums that are too thin may even become over-stressed and break.

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